(a-part-ment nine-one-eight)

The magic all started when アパート918 (pronounced apartment nine one eight) entered a professional studio for the first time. Invited by his mentor Silent-Man, he immediately fell in love with creating melodies and rhythms, translating the emotions he felt within. Surrounded by a lot of different creative minds, he was enchanted, honing his craft on a daily basis. After working for multiple years on his resume by adding co-productions in different music genres, アパート918 felt the need to start expressing himself.

After dropping a series of annual beat tapes, アパート918 continued to be strengthened by the belief in his own capabilities. Writing and producing his first single, “Futon” is a lighthearted ode to making love, assisted by the smooth and raspy vocals of Shane Parris and Michael Bryan. On his sophomore single “Ichiban” he is assisted by Angelo Harris, taking a deep and coldhearted look into his own imperfections. 

“Daydreaming” is the next release by アパート918. Taking a peek at a possible future, he paints a vivid and lively picture of what-could-still-be, whereas Michael Bryan and Angelo Harris provide their signature voices in the mesmerizing chorus.

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